How much will complete replacement with dental implants and bridges cost?

We can only give you accurate information about what this will cost once we have seen a panoramic X-ray of your teeth. If you go to the web pages for our various destinations you will find details of our current prices there:

Completely replacing your teeth will not be exactly cheap, however, with Novacorpus the cost will be at least 50 to 80% cheaper than in your home country. … Read more →

I have an estimate from another dentist. Can your dentist give me a new estimate for the cost of treatment based on this?

This is only possible if you accept that your estimate for treatment costs in this case is not final. Our dentist needs to have information about the condition of your teeth and he cannot deduce this from a colleague’s estimate of treatment costs. Moreover, there are always several possibilities for carrying out an operation and our dentist may have a different procedure or prefer to do things differently to your previous dentist. This is why it is important that you give us an up-to-date panoramic X-ray. Read more →

Is it possible/necessary to come to your office for the estimate?

No, to get the estimate for your treatment costs you don’t need it. The estimate can be drawn up either by using a panoramic X-ray of your teeth, or directly when you visit the dentist at the clinic.

If you send us a panoramic X-ray, please make sure that it is recent (i.e. taken not more than 3 to 6 months ago) and please post the original to us. Alternatively, you may send us a digital photograph by email. Unfortunately X-rays that have been scanned, faxed or photocopied cannot be used. … Read more →