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About Us

Novacorpus: High Medical Quality at Reasonable Prices with Full Security

Learn why medical care abroad is a growing phenomenon, how we offer you cutting-edge medical quality and significant savings and why prices are so low with such a quality. See also the different treatments we organise and discover the destinations where we organise them (all interesting places). Don’t miss our “how it works?” section with practical advice on leaving with complete peace of mind.


Why Go Abroad?

Today there is a widespread worldwide trend which sees more and more patients going for treatment in another country for various reasons:

  • Better quality
  • A more attractive price
  • Waiting list too long to be operated on in own country
  • Desire to combine an operation with a tourist visit

Why Such Big Savings?

Going to be treated in a Novacorpus partner clinic in a foreign country will guarantee you very significant savings in relation to the usual prices. By choosing a specialised company such as Novacorpus, you pay lower prices than if you were to contact the clinic direct, whilst at the same time obtaining advantages which would otherwise be inaccessible and access to cutting edge treatment quality. How is this possible?

8 Good Reasons to Choose Novacorpus

Novacorpus International Healthcare is the only medical tourism company founded and managed by a medical doctor.

How it works?

With Novacorpus, leave with complete peace of mind ! Some basic principles should be followed when travelling abroad for an operation (and also when having treatment in your own country)

Who are we?

Dr. Stephane de Buren is the Founder and CEO of  Novacorpus International Healthcare. Drawing on an atypical career path for a doctor, and extensive experience in different areas associated with health, he has become the first medical doctor to found a company organising healthcare abroad combining cutting-edge treatment with prices allowing for substantial savings.


Novacorpus organises the following treatments:

  • Dental implants (and other common dental treatments like bridges, crowns, crowns on implants or ceramic veneers)
  • Laser eye surgery (to correct myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia and presbyopia)
  • Cosmetic surgery (liposuction, breast enlargement, abdominoplasty, nose correction, breast lift, and many others)


Nowadays low-cost-flights are easy to find and to book online. Good but affordable hotels can be found in all our destinations. These costs will NEVER compensate the savings you do by choosing a clinic abroad. Your non medical costs won’t exceed 5-10% of the total operation price and you will discover fantastic cities.