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8 Good Reasons to Choose Novacorpus

1. Lower costs

You will save a lot of money whilst at the same time guaranteeing your safety:

– Prices much lower than those charged in your country and further reductions negotiated

– Prices guarantee that the doctor receives satisfactory remuneration

– Prices guarantee sufficient income for the clinic to maintain up to date material and practitioners

2. World-Class Doctors & Clinics

We Focus on medical quality for your safety. We therefore only select cutting-edge doctors and clinics.

3. The only medical tourism company founded and managed by a medical doctor

Dr de Buren guarantees:

– That he personally visits all clinics and regularly observes operations in each one

– That he personally meets all doctors and that their qualifications are carefully checked

– That, when selecting doctors, patient safety and satisfaction are the first criteria to be taken into account

4. Medical Follow-up after the operation

After the operation, before you return home, you will receive precise instructions. Our doctors will remain in contact with you after you return home and you will always know how to contact them. In the improbable event of a medical complication requiring additional consultation not originally planned, and provided you are able to travel, our insurance will cover your travel, hotel and appointment costs. If this is not possible, we will put you in contact with a practitioner close to where you live.

5. You will only speak English with us and your doctor

We guarantee that your doctor speaks English and you get his personal mobile phone. We also provide concierge service from beginning to end in English, too.

Doctors are only selected if they are English mother tongue or have an excellent command of English, allowing them to carry out appointments with English speaking patients, answer their questions and understand their culture

6. Fully-insured to cover unexpected medical or travel costs

We work with an insurance to get you a full insurance coverage of medical or travel complications. Abroad or after your return home, no unexpected medical or travel costs can bother you:

– Covering  risks of medical complications both abroad and for 6 months after your return: the security of a set price

– Including assistance abroad if necessary

– Covering eventual costs of changing your plane ticket for medical reasons

7. First-Class Concierge Service

We are at your disposal to give you all necessary explanations before your departure, put you in touch with your doctor and check your satisfaction upon your return. Even whilst you are abroad, we are at your disposal and you know how to contact us.

8. Affordable Trips

Low-cost flights as well as affordable hotels are the rule.

Non medical costs won’t exceed 5-10% of your operation price and you will discover fantastic cities.