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How it works?

With Novacorpus, leave with complete peace of mind

Follow our easy step by step procedure.

Step n°1: making contact

1) Contact Novacorpus who will answer your questions and give you information free of charge by telephone or email.

2) We will also study your answers to our medical form free of charge.

3) We will provide you with an initial price estimation

Step n°2: Sending the medical file - Quote

If you are interested, we will go through the following procedure:

1) We will send your file to the doctor you have chosen with us: the medical file, x-rays if appropriate and any other important document allowing a definitive quote to be drawn up. If you have not yet had x-rays or any other examination necessary for the doctor to draw up a quote, we will give you advice on finding a centre near where you live.

2) We will discuss treatment possibilities with the practitioner to be sure that you meet the criteria required for the operation or treatment to be carried out successfully.

3) Will will determine possible treatment/operation dates with him/her in accordance with your availability.

4) We will organise initial contact by telephone between yourselves and your chosen doctor abroad.

Note: Novacorpus will allow you to benefit from preferential conditions thanks to the strong links we have with the different clinics in our network. We are also allowing you to benefit from guaranties which only we can offer (concierge service or insurance and many others).

Step n°3: Fixing the treatment date

If the previous step has convinced you, we will fix an appointment date with the clinic for your operation or treatment. To do this, we will request a deposit from you, the amount of which varies according to the clinic and the planned treatment. You will only pay the rest of the treatment cost once the treatment has been completed, on-site at the clinic.

This deposit is also reimbursable (with a deduction of £175 for administrative costs) if, afterwards, you decide not to have the operation, as long as the treatment has not yet begun.

Novacorpus will set everything up so that you can benefit from competitive prices without sacrificing the quality of your treatment. The total price of the treatment is always much lower than the usual price you would pay in your home country.

Step n°4: Organisation of the operation/treatment, the follow-up on your return and the insurance

Once we have received your payment, we will send you all the information linked to your treatment/operation allowing you to leave well informed and without unnecessary stress:

– Your doctor’s name, address and telephone number and the venue of your appointment,

– The date and venue of your operation/treatment

– Practical advice to follow

– Organisation of post-operative follow-up

– Insurance policy covering medical risks and repatriation (if you have chosen this, learn more in Step 6 below).

Step n°5: Organisation of your trip

If necessary (some destinations can be reached by train or car), we will also inform you of the airline companies serving your destination and organise transfers and hotel when requested.

Step n°6: Organisation of the insurance policy

We have arranged an insurance specifically for our clients, to help defray the costs of complications and travel related accidents. For an overview of the benefits, please contact us

Finally, we will remain at your entire disposal before, during and after your trip to answer any questions and solve any problem.

Practical advice

Some basic principles should be followed when travelling abroad for an operation (and also when having treatment in your own country)


Medical aspects:

– Ask your consultant to put you in contact with another patient who has already been treated by the same doctor for them to give you their opinion. Each patient is different and what pleases a certain individual may not necessarily suit another. Nevertheless, certain essential points, such as the doctor’s skills, availability, the establishment’s hygiene or price, are important for everybody.

– Ask to speak to the doctor before leaving to see if you feel comfortable with him.


Price of the operation:

– Your health and safety should be your first priority. It is right to look for lower prices but a price which is too low should set alarm bells ringing (especially when then price is much lower than other clinics in the same country: does this price allow the clinic to employ the best doctors and buy the best equipment?)


Cultural differences if you go abroad:

– In addition to an experienced doctor operating with attractive prices, there are other advantages to be appreciated which are not directly linked to medicine:

  • A warm welcome
  • A sunny climate
  • Guaranteed anonymity

– Keep an open mind. Being treated abroad is an enriching and interesting experience, especially if you are willing to adapt yourself to certain secondary factors not linked to your health: the cuisine may be different and mealtimes may not be the same as in your country (in Spain for example)


Medical tourism:

– Endeavour to go with another person. It is often more pleasant, especially if the stay lasts for more than a few days. Choose someone able to support you and who knows how to get by when travelling.

– If you go abroad, it may be tempting to make the most of your trip for tourism. This is a good idea, as long as you always keep in mind the fact that your health is the only priority: it is perfectly possible to visit tourist attractions after dental treatment, however, planning a visit to the beach or swimming in the sea after a more complicated operation is much less realistic, especially if you have gone under general anesthetic, as you will probably feel tired and should rest (just as you would following an operation in your home country). In this latter case, we would advise you either to carry out tourism part of your visit before your operation or to reserve the post-operation period for a well deserved rest. Moreover, being away from home often allows you to rest more effectively.

– It is definitely worth taking advice from a professional. You will gain advantages in terms of reassurance and safety, avoiding surprises and misunderstandings, or, in the worst case scenario, serious problems.
All the more so because this will not cost you a penny; on the contrary, going through Novacorpus, you will have:

  • access to services only available to Novacorpus patients:
    • special insurance
    • follow-up organisation on your return home
    • significant support in contacting a hospital or doctor in view of the interest they have in collaborating with us
  • the guarantee that the price you are paying is lower than or equivalent to the price you would pay if you contacted the doctors and clinics directly