Here are testimonials from patients who have placed their trust in us to carry out a cosmetic surgery operation for one of the following procedures: breast enlargement, face lift, liposuction, nose surgery, breast reduction, abdominoplasty, eyelid and hair transplant surgery in a Novacorpus cosmetic surgery partner clinic.

At the outset, a lot of these patients had thought about having their cosmetic surgery done in London, Birmingham, Liverpool or Leeds or elsewhere in the UK but since we offer far lower prices with medical quality of the highest order, they changed their minds.

We are unable to publish all the testimonials we receive because of the hundreds of patients who use our services. For obvious reasons of confidentiality, we do not publish patients’ names, however, if you wish, we can put you in contact with a male or female patient who has had an operation with Novacorpus.


Everything went fantastically well because you were so fast and efficient. I was able to have the operation at a time that fitted with my work commitments.

The surgeon was perfect, professional, clear and most importantly always there if I needed him. The welcome at the clinic was very good and reassuring despite the language barrier. The operation went terribly well – no post op pains whatsoever. I was even able to go back to work after a week without any after-effects!! A fantastic surgeon, I’ve been recommending him to all my girlfriends!

At home, the monitoring went very well and I now have a wonderful pair of breasts! Thanks again to you and your team. It was perfect, so now there’s nothing left to improve.

I don’t mind if you publish this testimonial on the internet but please DON’T use my name! Thank you!”

Mrs S. G.
Breast enlargement in Belgium


“I wanted to thank you for your work and your advice. My stay abroad and my operation too went very well.
It is just a little over 3 weeks now since I had my operation and I am very pleased with the result (and so is my husband;-) (I am healing as would be expected and the scars are very fine and discreet;-)
Everything went really well in Belgium and I want to thank you for looking after me so well.”

“Having gone through Novacorpus was an advantage: everything was organised!! It’s perfect. The price overall was cheaper than in this country. I recommend Novacorpus because they are there when you need them. They inspire confidence.”

Mrs F. P.
Breast enlargement in Belgium


“The surgeon was professional and very kind. He really reassured me. The hospital staff were competent and friendly.”

Mrs D.I.
Rhinoplasty in Belgium


“I am pleased with how accurately and carefully your surgeon did his work. You did indeed say that he is very meticulous when it comes to being careful about hygiene and other things, but he has also given me a belly button that couldn’t look better! Thank you for choosing such a skilled and painstaking surgeon. Everything is completely fine; there has been no swelling or infection at all. It is true that this depends too on how well each person heals, but when I look at some photos of other people who had their operations done elsewhere, I tell myself that you did really well selecting your surgeon. By following the doctor’s instructions to the letter, everything is going well. I am really pleased with my results at the moment.

I send you my very best wishes!”

Mrs C.D.
Tummy Tuck in Belgium