Laser Eye Surgery Testimonials

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Read some testimonials following laser eye surgery (correction of myopia, astigmatism, hyperopia and/or presbyopia by femtosecond Lasik) in one of the centres with which we work.

All names are known to Novacorpus but we only publish patients’ their full name,  if they so desire, in order to guarantee medical secrecy.

“Dear Doctor,

My refractive myopia surgery, the final condition for me to fulfil before entering a professional school, went perfectly. I particularly appreciated the contact and professionalism of the eye surgeon and his whole team, the advanced technology used and the quality of the facilities.

As for the result, it is quite simply amazing! Thirty minutes after the operation I could read the smallest characters (12/10). Despite the fact that my myopia had been weak, I could really appreciate the difference. Three days later, I still had a few slight ‘halos’ on my vision and my eyes were red due to burst blood vessels. In view of the result, these few temporary hindrances were not too much of a problem.

I would also like to thank you. Your organisation is perfectly put together and the quality of service is excellent. I would recommend Novacorpus to any of my family or friends who could be interested.

I am now going to make an appointment with my eye doctor and do away with my glasses for good.”

Laser eye surgery with femtosecond Lasik


“When I think that I was told I couldn’t be operated on or that I could only have one eye treated….

I am very pleased to have put my trust in you, Mr de Buren, and in the ophtalmologist who knew how to reassure me! I would still be struggling with my glasses and contact lenses today. As many formerly short sighted people say, my only regret is not to have done it sooner. It’s a cliche, but totally accurate…

I never miss an opportunity to recommend you!”

Mrs J. K.
Refractive surgery with femtosecond Lasik.


“Compared with the prices charged in my country, it’s very attractive. Going through Novacorpus is an advantage if you want to have the operation abroad. The date I chose for the operation was accepted with no difficulties.”

Mr J.C.
Refractive surgery with femtosecond Lasik


“I found you very professional and the clinic where I was sent was very good (modern and efficient with very competent, nice and efficient staff). My general impression: Quick – effective – high quality – reassuring”

M. Mary-L. B
Refractive surgery with femtosecond Lasik


“Price, quality, value for money, speed, friendliness, follow-up, advice, explanations, very satisfied with the result, no complications, Novacorpus staff + clinic tip top. Continue in this vein. Well done and thank you. I am very pleased to have had this operation and even more so to have done it with Novacorpus’ help.”

Mr Mauro V.
Refractive surgery with femtosecond Lasik


“As promised, I am giving you an update following my operation which took place last week. First of all, the way they took charge of me on site was very good. The staff were welcoming.

The operation was successful. But you are right to stress that it is indeed an operation which, moreover, is not done under general anaesthetic. We are therefore conscious and I must say this was not pleasurable, but at least it was brief. In spite of my calm, this was quite a distressing moment for me.

After the operation I was able to go back to the hotel, of which I was very glad. With the healing process finished, what joy! That very evening I could see normally, with a slight dizziness but nothing more.

The following morning, at the check up, my myopia and astigmatism were at zero. I then had to get used to the fact that I could see well again. I found myself looking for my glasses or saying to myself “ah, before I go to bed I must take off my contact lenses”.

At the second check up, everything was in order.

I can thus only thank you for this opportunity you have given me to experience this joy which I appreciate day after day. And I am convinced that others will present themselves to you during the year to come.”

Mrs D
Refractive surgery with femtosecond Lasik


“Very pleased, happy to be able to see well!! And the least expensive I was able to find.”

Mrs D. K., 1986
Refractive surgery with femtosecond Lasik


Consulted the Grenoble clinic 6 months after refractive surgery with femtosecond Lasik in another clinic.

“Novacorpus worked quickly and were always available. Going through this company is an advantage. I found the clinic’s doctor very competent and reassuring and the price was a lot lower than what I paid at the other clinic. My general impression was excellent as I had finally been reassured.”

Mrs V. K., 1957.
Refractive surgery with femtosecond Lasik


“With Novacorpus, you get good advice and monitoring. I would recommend this doctor as he loves his job and I would go for this operation again if it needed doing as not wearing glasses is pure happiness.”

M. M. A. , 1979
Refractive surgery with femtosecond Lasik


“My impression is very good. Everything took place without a hitch, I can see without glasses and I am very happy. Moreover, the price was reasonable.

The doctor was very nice and explained everything to me well. It’s really worth going there.

It’s very easy with Novacorpus, you don’t have to deal with anything and the people at the Grenoble clinic know what its all about straight away I didn’t even have to wait.

Mrs. E. M. , 1986.
Refractive surgery with femtosecond Lasik


“My only regret is not having done it sooner! Novacorpus’ service was excellent, and so was that of the clinic! No pain! I would recommend Novacorpus (quality personalised service) and the clinic, as well as the doctor, without hesitation (high quality, efficient treatment). Great value. A suggestion for the clinic: a possible addition would be a resting room with sofas/deckchairs to chill out in the dark after the operation”

Mrs. X (wishes to remain anonymous).
Refractive surgery with femtosecond Lasik


“Dear Dr de Buren,

My warmest congratulations for your organisation of Femtosecond Laser eye surgery in Grenoble. As well as a particularly attractive price, I experienced a very professional reception, a highly skilled surgeon and had perfect vision the day after treatment, which changed my life!. Moreover, you provided me with all the peace of mind guarantees I desired before the operation.

Following my experience, I would warmly recommend Novacorpus to those around me.

Thanking you once again,

D. I.

PS : you may quote me, in whole or in part, at any time you feel appropriate”

Mr D. I. 52 years old.
Refractive surgery with femtosecond Lasik