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Save up to  75% on Cosmetic Surgery Prices

Going abroad through Novacorpus, you will save thousands of Pounds. The travel, hotel and transfer costs will be less than 10% of the treatment price allowing savings of up to 75%

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Prices Comparison

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Novacorpus Belgium Price

Novacorpus Turkey Price

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Usual UK Price

Hair transplant (FUE)
not available£1,850 – 3,470£6,000 – £30,000
Liposuction£1,955 – 3,325£1,665 –  2,325£2,500 – £5,000
Breast enlargement
(round prostheses, Mentor®)
Breast lifting (mastopexy)£4,075£2,565£5,500
Total nose correction
(nasal tip and dent rhinoplasty)
Mini abdominoplasty
(1 night in clinic included)

Price dentistry

Among many other services, the following is included in our price: all medical consultations, the operation, the follow-up abroad, unlimited concierge service and, according to the destination, transfers might also be included in the price. See the cosmetic clinics’ price pages below for more details.

Cosmetic Surgery Prices by Location

Price for Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey

emailFacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedinSave up to 75% on Cosmetic Surgery Prices Save thousands of Pounds with Novacorpus by having your operation performed by a highly-qualified surgeon in a quality-accredited clinic and without compromising on ...

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Price for Cosmetic Surgery in Belgium

emailFacebookTwitterGoogle+Linkedin Save up to 60% on Cosmetic Surgery PricesGoing abroad through Novacorpus, you will obtain a price which is lower than the price you would pay if entering into direct contact ...

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