Dental Implants Testimonials

Testimonials following dental treatment (e.g. dental implants, crowns, bridges or ceramic veneers) in one of the centres with whom we work.

All names are known to Novacorpus but we only publish patients’ full names if they so desire, in order to guarantee medical secrecy. Not all patients agree to their testimonial being published.

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Mr. A.
Bridges and crowns



“The dentist is really nice, patient and welcoming and she keeps smiling whatever the circumstances. Moreover, he takes her time. The hotel was also very good, the room was almost a studio flat, the breakfast was huge and you could have it up until 11am. The dentist speaks perfectly English. It was a real advantage to do everything in 1 week instead of going to the dentist 10 times over several months, with the risk of sometimes not being able to make it. In this situation, you’re there for that purpose and it’s very practical. I’d like to thank Novacorpus and Dr de Buren for their help in organising this treatment and for their advice.”

Mr. A.
Bridges and crowns



“I would recommend both Novacorpus for their rigour, patient follow-up and answers to all questions and the dental surgeon for her availability to answer all questions, as well as for her patient follow-up after surgery. I was able to put my trust in her and her team. The total price corresponded to the quote drawn up by Novacorpus and the dental surgeon (£9,900): no surprises. I would have liked the guarantee to be explained in a little more detail. Going through Novacorpus was an advantage as I was able to meet Dr de Buren before I left. My general impression: able to gain my trust and put me at ease, treatment conformed to expectations, no surprises. It must nevertheless be emphasised that this is not a holiday (at least in the case of large-scale treatment).”

Mr. L., Implants
7 implants and multiple crowns



“I would recommend Novacorpus for their professionalism. If I had to do this again, I would. My overall impression can be summed up in a few words: just thank you for the advice and, above all, the follow up, the updates and the help you gave me.”

Mrs. D.
4 Implants and 5 ceramic crowns



“I would like to thank you for your help. A result better than anything I expected, with no pain and a smile from beginning to end. Once again, thank you.”

Mrs. J.
10 Crowns



“Half the price of the quotes I requested. Novacorpus: very serious”

Mrs. M.
8 Crowns



“It was worth it as the price was much lower than at home and allowed me to get correct treatment, something which I could not do here, or at least only partially. Novacorpus is attractive not only because of price but also for the whole service package: the information, follow-up, availability, efficiency and the team’s kindness from beginning to end! I found it very good to go through Novacorpus. Mr de Buren as an individual is very likable, precise and above all reassuring and incredibly efficient!! He monitors his patients very well, well done to him. Current impression: 100% positive.”

Mrs. B.
3 crowns