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Face Lift

Have a younger face for only £2,640

Face lifts are one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery operations. By stretching the skin tighter, they make the face appear younger. Usually it is women who choose this procedure, but men too are increasingly benefiting from face lifts.

Over recent years, there have been great advances in face lift surgery and cosmetic surgeons no longer “pull” the skin as much as they used to. The aim is to retain the natural harmony of the face. This aesthetic surgery procedure may also be combined with a neck lift (it is then called a full lift or a neck and facelift rather than a mini-lift) or an own body fat injection to restore volume of the face.

With our Novacorpus offer, you can have a face lift of the same quality as in the UK, but at a price that cannot be matched in London, Manchester, Liverpool or Birmingham for example. We can offer you the comfort of great security through an insurance policy and the possibility of having postoperative supervision.

Save up to 70% on a face lift surgery compared to UK doctors and get the same high quality.

from £2,275

Why choose Novacorpus Face Lift Surgery?

– Save up to 70% compared to face lift surgery costs in the UK with our guaranteed price.

– Access world-class quality accredited clinics and latest medical technology.

– Benefit from top specialist surgeons selected by Novacorpus, the only medical tourism company founded and directed by a medical doctor.

– Speak English with our concierge service and all our doctors (no translators).

– Be fully-insured to cover complications

– Travel with low-cost flights and sleep in affordable hotels


Novacorpus High Quality Price

Your Savings

Up to £4,360 (60% Savings)


Mini Lift


Full Lift
(face & neck)



Full Lift
(face & neck)


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High Quality Price in UK

Mini Lift

from £4,500

Full Lift
(face & neck)


Prices are in Pounds and include consultations with the surgeon, the intervention, anesthetist and hospital fees, medication and post-operative check-ups abroad. A personalised quote will be drawn up for each patient. Travel, transfers and hotel costs will be less than 10% of the treatment price.


Are there any particular risks in going abroad for treatment?

No, as long as you follow certain rules. We are very strict in selecting our foreign partners as we want to be sure that we can place our complete trust in the doctor with whom we are going to work. We also insist on the fact that you must follow to the letter all instructions which the doctor will give you on site (above all these will be recommendations linked to common sense, for example, rest after the operation). There are no more risks when being treated abroad than there are in your own country. As in all areas, it is impossible to eliminate risks 100%, however the risk of treatment abroad is no higher than in your own country.

What will happen if a complication arise abroad of after my return?

We will do everything in our power to avoid this, through selecting up-to-date doctors and clinics. These doctors will give you all the necessary recommendations for good post-operative follow-up and will eventually recommend you a colleague near to where you live if necessary for a certain period. It is, however, impossible to eliminate all risks of complication in medicine. It should be noted that complications are not necessarily attributable to the doctor’s responsibility. They can sometimes occur due to a pre-existing condition, bad luck, or negligence by the patient. This is as likely to happen in your own country as it is elsewhere.

For this reason, we work with the world leader in insurance. We thus offer you the possibility of taking out insurance which only we offer and which will cover risks of medical complications associated with voluntary operations both abroad and for 6 months after your return. This insurance also covers the costs of returning abroad, including accommodation. Any emergency treatment linked to your initial treatment is also covered, both abroad and for 6 months after your return, up to the equivalent of £6,500 to £15,000. If you refuse to return to the doctor/dentist who carried out your operation/treatment abroad, you may choose another practitioner in your country of residence and the costs will be covered,too. This insurance can only be taken out if you have your initial operation/treatment in a country other than your country of residence.

Moreover, we only work with practitioners and clinics who offer a guarantee. The duration of this guarantee varies (1 year to lifelong) and restrictions may be mentioned by the doctor or clinic (for example: exclusion of the consequences of an accident, a systemic illness, lack of hygiene, etc.) This guarantee nevertheless requires another trip abroad. In the event of an emergency, you may have to consult another practitioner closer to home. If you have not taken out insurance and NHS refuses to cover you, you may have to bear at least part of these costs.

Why is it possible to make such big savings through going abroad to be treated?

You will indeed make large savings through going abroad to be treated. The reason is never a lack of quality. It is because of lower local costs and negotiated prices. Learn more here. Nevertheless, we also recommend that good quality treatment should be your priority and that you should carefully seek advice before leaving as regards the doctor and clinic you choose.

May I go abroad with a family member/a friend?

Of course, indeed we would recommend this. Going for treatment abroad is much more pleasant in good company. The slight increase in cost associated with being accompanied (train or plane fare and hotel) is largely compensated for by the benefits of having someone with you. See our chapter on practical advice to find out more.

For more answers, please see our full Cosmetic Surgery FAQs page or contact us with the form below and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.