These are questions for patients interested in having a cosmetic surgery operation such as a hair transplant, breast enlargement, breast reduction or breast uplift surgery as well as liposuction, tummy tuck, nose job, face lift or eyelid surgery.

General questions

What Will Happen If A Complication Arise Abroad Of After My Return?

We will do everything in our power to avoid this, through selecting up-to-date doctors and clinics. These doctors will give you all the necessary recommendations for good post-operative follow-up and will eventually recommend you a colleague near to where you live if necessary for a certain period. It is, however, impossible to eliminate all risks of complication in medicine. It should be noted that complications are not necessarily attributable to the doctor’s responsibility. They can sometimes occur due to a pre-existing condition, bad luck, or negligence by the patient. This is as likely to happen in your own country as it is elsewhere.

For this reason, we work with the world leader in insurance. We thus offer you the possibility of taking out insurance which only we offer and which will cover risks of medical complications associated with voluntary operations both abroad and for 6 months after your return. This insurance also covers the costs of returning abroad, including accommodation. Any emergency treatment linked to your initial treatment is also covered, both abroad and for 6 months after your return, up to the equivalent of £6,500 to £15,000. If you refuse to return to the doctor/dentist who carried out your operation/treatment abroad, you may choose another practitioner in your country of residence and the costs will be covered,too. This insurance can only be taken out if you have your initial operation/treatment in a country other than your country of residence.

Moreover, we only work with practitioners and clinics who offer a guarantee. The duration of this guarantee varies (1 year to lifelong) and restrictions may be mentioned by the doctor or clinic (for example: exclusion of the consequences of an accident, a systemic illness, lack of hygiene, etc.) This guarantee nevertheless requires another trip abroad. In the event of an emergency, you may have to consult another practitioner closer to home. If you have not taken out insurance and NHS refuses to cover you, you may have to bear at least part of these costs

Why Is It Possible To Make Such Big Savings Through Going Abroad To Be Treated?

You will indeed make large savings through going abroad to be treated. The reason is never a lack of quality. It is because of lower local costs and negotiated prices. Learn more here. Nevertheless, we also recommend that good quality treatment should be your priority and that you should carefully seek advice before leaving as regards the doctor and clinic you choose.

Are There Any Particular Risks In Going Abroad For Treatment?

No, as long as you follow certain rules. We are very strict in selecting our foreign partners as we want to be sure that we can place our complete trust in the doctor with whom we are going to work.
We also insist on the fact that you must follow to the letter all instructions which the doctor will give you on site (above all these will be recommendations linked to common sense, for example, rest after the operation). There are no more risks when being treated abroad than there are in your own country. As in all areas, it is impossible to eliminate risks 100%, however the risk of treatment abroad is no higher than in your own country.

May I Go Abroad With A Family Member/A Friend?

Of course, indeed we would recommend this. Going for treatment abroad is much more pleasant in good company. The slight increase in cost associated with being accompanied (train or plane fare and hotel) is largely compensated for by the benefits of having someone with you. See our chapter on practical advice to find out more.

How Much Does It Cost?

Here are some examples of the price differences. For prices on all surgeries, please go to the Cosmetic Surgery Pricing in Belgium page or Cosmetic Surgery Pricing in Turkey page.

hair-transplantCreated with Sketch.

Hair transplant (FUE)

Novacorpus High Quality Price


Not available


£1,485 – 3,035

High Quality UK Price

£6,000 – £30,000


Novacorpus High Quality Price


£1,800 – 3,150


£1,300 – 1,960

High Quality UK Price

£2,500 – £5,000

Breast enlargement
(round prostheses)

Novacorpus High Quality Price





High Quality UK Price


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Breast lifting (mastopexy)

Novacorpus High Quality Price





High Quality UK Price


Correction of the tip of the nose (nasal tip rhinoplasty)

Novacorpus High Quality Price





High Quality UK Price


Mini abdominoplasty
(1 night in clinic included)

Novacorpus High Quality Price





High Quality UK Price


What Should I Expect From Cosmetic Surgery?

Great strides have been made in cosmetic surgery which means that is possible to successfully correct very visible and embarrassing defects such as a bump on the nose, to hone a figure where no dieting can shift the rolls of fat (with liposuction), to increase breast volume (with breast enlargement) or conversely to reduce breast volume (with breast reduction). Cosmetic surgery can also help you look younger (e.g. with a face lift or breast uplift surgery). However, it will not give you back your 15 year old body if you are now 60 nor will you get a model’s body if you are very obese. Nevertheless, a marked improvement is the norm. Since each body is different, it is important that you thoroughly discuss your expectations with the surgeon.

What Factors Contribute To Getting The Best Results?

There are many factors but the most important are to have realistic expectations, to not smoke (or to smoke as little as possible since smoking lowers your cells’ oxygen intake and to heal properly it is important that your cells get as much oxygen as they can), to carefully follow the surgeon’s instructions, to be operated on in a hospital (absolutely vital except for the few procedures that can be carried out under local anaesthetic) and for the anaesthetist to be a doctor and not a nurse anaesthetist. The success rate is also higher if you are young and do not have any illnesses such as diabetes.

Do You Guarantee The Price Before I Travel?

Yes. To get your guaranteed pricing for your surgery, simply contact us with the form on the right. We’ll answer all your questions, confirm by a medical doctor that this surgery is right for you and give you your guaranteed pricing before you make any commitment.

Is There A Way Of Avoiding Having Scars?

As with any surgery, cosmetic surgery produces scars but they are often hidden away in barely visible places (the fold underneath the breasts, the crook of your arm, underneath the hair, behind the ears or even in a fold of the eyelid or inside it). They can also be very small and scarcely visible (liposuction).

What Are The Risks With Cosmetic Surgery?

Any surgery involves some risk and it is important to minimise any risk as far as possible and to be in a position to deal with any complications that may nonetheless arise. As a rule, the advantage with cosmetic surgery is that it is carried out on patients who are usually in good health and younger than average. Both these factors greatly reduce the risks. When you have your consultation with the surgeon, he will discuss this with you in greater detail.

Breast augmentation

How Do I Know If The Breast Implant Is A Good Quality Implant?

A good breast implant will have been certified by the European Health Authorities, will be made of high grade materials and will have been tested in clinical trials. Quality is reflected in the price, so you should not choose any implant that is cheap. To ensure your safety, we are able to thoroughly check the quality of the implants our surgeons use because we can draw upon our medical expertise. Read more

What Guarantees Do You Offer?

With Novacorpus you get both a warranty from the implant manufacturer as well as a guarantee from our surgeon. The manufacturers provide either a 10 year warranty (Belgium) or a lifelong warranty (Turkey). The surgeon’s guarantee covers treatment for unsightly scars, haematoma and seroma, which is undertaken free of charge. Read more

After Breast Enlargement Surgery Where Will The Scars Be?

Many women are concerned about whether the scar will visible or will bother them. This will depend on the method you choose for your operation. The incision is usually made in the lower crease of your breast. However, to fit the implant it is also possible to make an opening towards your armpit or underneath your areola. Read more

How Long After The Operation Before I Can Resume My Normal Activities?

You can return to work 7 to 10 days after the operation, unless your work involves a lot of hard physical activity in which case you will need to wait a little longer.  You can resume light exercise after 4 weeks and strenuous sporting activities after 3 months.

Can I Take A Plane Directly After The Operation?

Yes, usually travelling back home a day or two after the operation is not a problem, provided that your surgeon says you are fit to travel and that you are well enough to do so. We recommend that you stay for 3 to 4 days.

Will I Still Be Able Breastfeed After Breast Enlargement Surgery?

Yes, current experience shows that generally there is no problem with breastfeeding after breast enlargement surgery. There is nothing to indicate that breast implants interfere with the ability to breast feed. In rare situations it can so happen that the implant alters the shape and sensitivity of the nipple, which may make feeding more difficult. Feel free to discuss any questions you might have about this with your surgeon. You should also be aware that being pregnant and breast feeding your baby can alter the shape of your breasts, even with implants.

Do You Offer Breast Enlargement Using Lipofilling (Own Fat Injection) Or Macrolane (Hyaluronic Acid)?

As a rule we do not recommend these “scalpel-free breast enlargement” methods because of their bad results and risks. Patients often ask us about them because they are frightened that breast implants increase the risk of cancer or of other complications. However, this is not true and it has now been proven that silicon implants do not increase the risk of cancer. Read more


How Many Clothes Sizes Can I Drop Down?

With liposuction you can lose about 2 sizes. 6 to 7 litres of fat can be removed at most, depending on which areas you are having treated. Read more

Is It Possible To Have A Local Anaesthetic?

No, our surgeons will only perform liposuction under full anaesthetic, which is the only way to avoid pain during liposuction. This makes things pleasanter for both the patient and the surgeon. Liposuction involves destroying the fat cells by the mechanical movements of a cannula and then a vacuum pump sucks them up. So your body will be moved and manipulated in various ways and depending on the treatment this may last for several hours; which is why having the procedure performed under full anaesthetic is best for you.

What Is Vaser Liposuction?

Vaser is a method of performing liposuction with ultrasound. As with traditional liposuction, the doctor will first inject the area to be treated with a fluid (a tumescent solution) to make the fat cells swell. He will then treat the area with the ultrasound probe destroying the fat cells in a gentler way than is possible using mechanical movement. Finally the fat emulsion is sucked away. Using ultrasound equipment produces heat which has a positive effect on skin tightening. The results are therefore to some extent better than with traditional liposuction. However, there is the downside that in rare cases there may be some skin burns. Novacorpus provides liposuction with Vaser in Istanbul.

Will My Cellulite Disappear After Liposuction?

Yes, your cellulite will disappear since now you can get rid of those fat deposits which have always resisted. However, if you suffer from serious cellulite, your skin may well lose some elasticity and further treatment may be necessary to tighten your skin or to remove any surplus skin (e.g. a thigh lift).

How Long Before I Can See The Final Results?

This very much depends from which part of your body the fat is taken and on the condition and texture of your skin. Normally it takes between 3 months (e.g. in the outer “jodhpur thighs” area) and 6 months (e.g. inside the upper thighs, stomach).

Hair transplant

How Many Months Will It Be Before I Can See The Results?

The final outcome of a hair transplant can be judged after a year. You will of course see the first changes well before that. 
After the hair transplant, the transplanted hair will be shed a few weeks later. This is completely normal and you have no reason for concern. Then nothing at all happens for a certain period, until the hair starts to grow back again after approximately 4 to 6 months. The new hair growth takes places slowly and will vary from one patient to the next. In most cases, the changes will be most impressive 6 to 10 months after the operation. Month by month, the hair will grow thicker. However, even after the 11th month there can still be a visible improvement, which is why people say that the end result can only be seen after 12 months. You certainly need to be very patient with this FUE hair transplant method. However, in return you can count on having hair that is natural, permanent and looks great. Your new hair will grow throughout your lifetime and can be cut and styled quite normally. This means that you won’t need any special hair care products and you can carry on using your normal shampoo. Ultimately, how happy you are with the result also depends on what you expect from the procedure. A hair transplant cannot give you back the abundant head of hair you had when you were eighteen. However, a transplant can make thinning hair look significantly thicker

Will There Be Any Scars After A Hair Transplant?

There are no long-term scars using the FUE method as follicular units and not strips are extracted. There will be some redness at the transplanted sites only after the hair transplant and there will be some scabs. However, both will disappear after a few days. With the FUT method a strip of skin with hair is removed from the upper donor area leaving behind a thin strip scar. 
Novacorpus recommends micrografting (Follicular Unit Extraction / FUE ) for hair transplantation. This method produces the most natural results and it doesn’t leave any long-term scars. The hair at the back and the side of the scalp is genetically programmed to grow right through our lifetime and to not fall out. This longevity is used to advantage in hair transplantation as it is this hair that is removed with the help of precision instruments (micrometer) along with its roots and transplanted into the bald sites. Where the hair is extracted, the holes do not even measure one millimetre. Hair transplants are performed under local anaesthetic and are completely pain free. The operation lasts from 7 to 12 hours, depending on the number of micrografts that will be removed and transplanted. The donor area heals in around 7 to 8 days; here there’ll be no scars to see. At first there will be some slight scabbing over the transplants but this will also disappear after 8 to 10 days. So there are no scars if the FUE method is used for hair transplants. FUE is even used in some cases to transplant new hair onto scars left after the strip method (FUT method) or onto scars caused by an accident.

Do I Have To Shave My Hair?

You must not shave you hair and you should not have it cut too short either. The ideal length for your hair is about 1 to 2 cm long as this allows the surgeon to see which way your hair grows which is very important in helping achieve a successful hair transplant. Just before you undergo the procedure using the FUE method, your hair will be trimmed to a few millimetres.