Do you offer breast enlargement using Lipofilling or Macrolane?

As a rule we do not recommend these “scalpel-free breast enlargement” methods because of their bad results and risks. Patients often ask us about them because they are frightened that breast implants increase the risk of cancer. However, this is not true and it has now been proven that silicon implants do not increase the risk of cancer.

Breast enlargement using Macrolane

Breast enlargement using Macrolane involves injecting hyaluronic acid as a gel-like substance underneath the mammary gland under local anaesthetic, adding to the breast’s volume and creating lovely body contours. However, large quantities of hyaluronic acid are needed which accordingly pushes up the price. Furthermore, the results are not permanent and treatment has to be repeated more or less annually.

Breast enlargement using Lipofilling

Lipofilling is a similar method, only it is your own fat that is injected into the breast. However, breast enlargement using lipofilling does not produce permanent results either.

What is more, some calcification may occur which makes interpreting mammograms for early diagnosis of breast cancer far more difficult. This is why we advise against these methods. However, having an injection using your own fat is a very good way of rejuvenating your face, in conjunction for example with a face lift. Here only small amounts of your own fat are used and there are no such problems as those with the mammogram.