Breast enlargment: how do I know if the breast implant is a good quality implant?

A good breast implant will have been certified by the European Health Authorities, will be made of high grade materials and will have been tested in clinical trials. Quality is reflected in the price, so you should not choose any implant that is cheap. To ensure your safety, we are able to thoroughly check the quality of the implants our surgeons use because we can draw upon our medical expertise.

You require your breast implants to be quite safe, feel comfortable and look natural. In Europe, breast enlargement using shape-retaining silicone implants has become standard. If there is any damage to this type of implant, there can be no leakage because the silicone is not liquid.

As for the shape of the implants, they are either round or teardrop-shaped (or anatomic). The advantage of round implants is that they do not rotate and are somewhat cheaper. However, for patients with no or only very little of their own breast tissue, anatomic implants offer better results. Here the shape is elongated with a little more filling at the bottom than the top, which is closer in appearance to a natural breast

The cost of breast enlargement surgery will largely depend on which implant your surgeon chooses

If you want to make savings, it is definitely not with your implants that you should be economizing. Novacorpus has selected the very best available implants from the many brands available on the market. We use Mentor and Allergan implants which have all been certified by the European Health Authorities, are world leaders and are classified as safe. Their certification is based on robust scientific data, and their comfort and compatibility have been tested both in laboratory studies as well as in major clinical trials.

Furthermore these implants offer a wide selection of different sizes, shapes and solidity. These implants fall into the upper price bracket, since getting the right quality is extremely important:

    •    A good implant achieves better results and a more natural appearance

    •    With high quality implants, there is less risk of rippling and damage

    •    By choosing a good implant, capsular contracture can be minimized, which is one of the more common complications with breast enlargement surgery

If you are comparing prices for a breast operation, you must always look very carefully at what brand of breast implant will be used. Be wary of any very low-price offers for breast enlargement surgery because there is little opportunity to economize or make savings with the actual operation, whereas there is with the implants. So you should always ask which brand will be used.

Given all the many different implants now available, it is possible for women with every type of figure to get exactly what they want from breast enlargement surgery.  And so that you remain delighted with the results for many years after your breast operation, Novacorpus has selected top quality implants for you.