Breast enlargement: our guarantees

With Novacorpus you get both a warranty from the implant manufacturer as well as a guarantee from our surgeon.

The manufacturers provide :

  • a lifelong warranty

The surgeon’s guarantee covers treatment for :

  • unsightly scars
  • haematoma
  • seroma

which is undertaken free of charge during the first year.

Complications resulting from defects in the implant

Should there be any complications resulting from defects in the implant, the manufacturer will provide you with new implants and up to £900 towards the cost of a further operation during 10 years (Belgium) or even lifelong (Turkey).

Since in such circumstances our surgeons offer a special price of £900 (Belgium) or £1,140 (Turkey, with all transfers and a night at the clinic) for the second operation.

Capsular contracture

With breast enlargement surgery, one of the most common complications is capsular contracture which occurs in about 5% of patients. A layer of scar tissue forms around the breast implant which in some cases becomes hard. This can be painful and cause the shape of the breast to alter. If capsular contracture is very conspicuous then a second operation is usually required.  Should these complications occur, our surgeons will carry out the operation at this price:

  • £1,575 (Belgium)
  • £950 (Turkey)

As with other medical products, breast implants are subject to an ageing process and the effects of wear and tear. So they may well have to be replaced after 10 to 20 years, although there are also patients who keep their implants for much longer.


About other complications: any risk of complication is highest in the first month after the operation, which is why we recommend that you take out the insurance policy which covers the costs of medical complications for 6 months after your operation. It covers complications treatment abroad as well as in the UK after your return.