Why Such Big Savings?

Going to be treated in a Novacorpus partner clinic in a foreign country will guarantee you very significant savings in relation to the usual prices. By choosing a specialised company such as Novacorpus, you pay lower prices than if you were to contact the clinic direct, whilst at the same time obtaining advantages which would otherwise be inaccessible and access to cutting edge treatment quality. How is this possible?

The high price paid in the UK does not guarantee high quality!

In the UK, the price of certain treatments is very high due to:

– high cost of living

– long waiting list for NHS surgeons pushing up prices of private clinics surgeons

– several other factors which are difficult to control and not linked to the quality of treatment

A lower price than in the UK can go hand in hand with a high quality!

On the other hand, several countries now have an effective health system whilst at the same time having a much lower cost of living, in particular as regards:

– Rent

– Employees’ salaries and social security contributions

– Suppliers’ prices

Moreover, competition is often stronger abroad and numerous clinics give discounts in order to attract patients from other countries, even more so as their governments often consent to tax allowances in these cases.

All these reasons allow lower prices to be offered whilst at the same time maintaining a level of quality at least equivalent to that of the UK.

Lower prices when going through a specialised company

Going through Novacorpus, you will benefit from negotiated discounts (along with other advantages) allowing you to save even more. Our partner clinics give us special rates (because of the large number of patients we send) which are not accessible to the public at large.

Although low prices are often an important motivating factor, they should not be the only thing you aim for. Be more ambitious: choose quality too!  We are talking about your body and your health, so don’t make any compromises! You can save a lot of money whilst at the same time benefitting from cutting edge quality, as long as you get good advice.