Breast Augmentation


Breast enlargement

Gain one or more cup sizes for only £2,410

You’ll save up to 55% on breast enlargement surgery compared to UK doctors and get the same high quality.

With breast enlargement you can gain one to several cup sizes by inserting a breast implant underneath the breast. How cosmetically pleasing the end results are will largely depend on the quality of the breast implant used, and for this reason, we only work with cosmetic surgeons who use the very best products.

Rather than having your breast enlargement operation done in the UK, with Novacorpus you can enjoy quality that is at least equivalent at a far lower cost than a breast enlargement carried out in for example London, Liverpool or Manchester. The cosmetic surgeons we team up with are selected according to the same quality criteria as the UK surgeons.

breast enlargement before after photo

Having a breast enlargement in Belgium or Turkey means you get the very best quality, you can make considerable savings and also have good post-operative monitoring. There is insurance to cover the risks of complications.


The scar from the breast enlargement is virtually invisible as it is placed underneath the breast, in the armpit or less commonly around the areola.