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Low-cost flights and affordable hotels

Nowadays low-cost-flights are easy to find and to book online. Good but affordable hotels can be found in all our destinations. These costs will NEVER compensate the savings you do by choosing a clinic abroad. Your non medical costs won’t exceed 5-10% of the total operation price and you will discover fantastic cities.

How to choose your destination?

A basic rule should be recognised: quality depends on the doctor but price depends on the country.  In a general sense, it is important to stress that there are good doctors in every country. The choice of country will not, therefore, influence the quality of treatment in itself as we work with centres using the most up-to-date technology:

– Our founder, Dr. de Buren being a medical doctor, we follow an established, long and thorough process including many controls of documents like diplomas, insurances, board certifications, quality accreditations as well as a visit of the clinics and numerous meetings with the physicians. Novacorpus establishes then which clinics, surgeons and dentists are offering the best quality and using the latest technology.


The choice of country will however greatly influence the price. Roughly, the more you go South and East, the more prices fall:

– Belgium, Holland, France and Spain are interesting options as prices are lower than in the UK with no waiting lists in the private sector and for some treatments amongst the lowest in Western Europe (especially going through Novacorpus, as preferential tariffs are negotiated). Your savings will be already very substantial.

– To save more money, it is wise to go to other foreign countries (these lower prices are not linked to a decrease in quality but are mainly associated with lower living/salary/social security/equipment costs along with other reasons not  linked to the quality of the treatment). For instance, in Hungary and Istanbul prices are even lower and the trip is not much longer. We guarantee the same quality as in Western Europe.


The choice of country will also influence other very important factors:

– Although all the doctors with whom we work speak English (mother tongue or excellent command), certain patients’ choices are determined by the desire to go only to widely English-speaking countries like Belgium or Holland.

– The way foreign nationals are received differs from one country to another. The warmth of the welcome given in Mediterranean countries will reassure many patients and help them feel at ease while more Northern Europe attitudes found in Belgium, Holland or France can be preferred by some patients.

– Certain countries are attractive for tourism, allowing an operation or dental treatment to be combined with a holiday. Novacorpus recommends to always ask your surgeon/dentist if what you plan is adapted to your condition and to preferably plan tourism activities before the operation.

Each patient will choose a destination which corresponds to their desires. The number of countries is growing regularly, as we recruit new cutting-edge clinics and doctors. If you would like to be kept updated on the development of our offer, just fill in the form below.   



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