Eye surgery in France

Why have eye surgery in France? Reasons are not lacking 🇫🇷

Renowned throughout the world

French ophthalmology (eye medical science) is renowned throughout the world

Experienced surgeons

The country is big enough and has a high enough population to allow eye clinics (which are proportionally far less numerous than in other European countries) to take in a large number of patients and thus give surgeons sufficient experience

Lower prices

The price of operations is astonishingly low in comparison with other Western countries and is even competitive when compared with prices in Eastern Europe, without, moreover, being associated with lower quality than elsewhere.

Healthy competition pushes towards excellence

Healthy competition pushes centres towards further excellence as other clinics’ strong points are known and frequently discussed. It is not rare for an eye surgeon in Grenoble, for example, to have complete knowledge of the brand of Laser used by a competitor in another town a long distance away.

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