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Dental implants in Spain

Positive points regarding dental treatments in Spain 🇪🇸

Few countries have benefited from entering the European Union as much as Spain. This country has been able to develop its health infrastructures without price explosions and has become a prime destination for patients looking for low prices and cutting edge quality. More surprisingly, in addition to many retired people, numerous doctors and dentists from other European countries, making the most of free circulation and attracted by Spain’s (very) attractive climate and its good working conditions have emigrated to the country. It is therefore no longer unusual to find French or German dentists operating on the Spanish coast.

Lower prices

Prices are very low compared to, for example, UK (up to twice as low)

Excellent quality of treatment

The quality of treatment is excellent if dentists are chosen carefully

Highly experienced dentists

For several years, there has been a high number of retired people from abroad living in Spain. Often used to high quality treatment in their country of origin, they have contributed to improving that of their new country of residence. The large number of these individuals has allowed dentists to acquire solid experience (e.g. in fitting dental implants)

Close to the UK

The country is close to the UK and extremely well serviced both by traditional and low-cost airlines (a return ticket to Barcelona can sometimes cost less than £45!). Moreover, access from continental European countries is easy by car or (night or day) train

Exceptional welcome

The welcome, human warmth and kindness of the Spanish people is well known

Pleasant climate all year

The Mediterranean climate will allow you to benefit from a pleasant stay at any time of year

Dental treatment abroad, Spain, Barcelona

Points of which to be aware:

Knowledge of foreign languages, although improving, is still lacking in certain areas. This is why Novacorpus has a policy of only working with practitioners with a good level of English

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