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Dental Tourism – how it works

See the different steps of dental tourism including how to ask a quote and what to do next

The expression “dental tourism” refers to travelling to have dental care (synonym: dental travel), generally for significant treatment like the fitting of dental implants (other frequent cases: dental crowns, dental bridges, cosmetic treatments such as dental veneers).

Certain patients combine their treatment with tourism, but we always recommend patients to prioritise the medical aspect. Novacorpus is a company founded and managed by a medical doctor for whom your safety is the first priority.

1. Reassure yourself about the quality of dental treatment abroad

For the fitting of a dental implant and for any other dental treatment, 2 criteria are particularly important:

– The experience of the dentist and their assistants (number of operations/year)

   > The more the dentist operates, the more experience they acquire and the better the result

   > For dental implants, choose a dentist who really specialises in this area and for whom it is not an activity on the side    

– The material used

   > Certain implants are much more expensive than others as they are of lower quality. Do not compromise on material! We only recommend the use of implants from recognised brands.

   > The material used for a dental implant, and also for bridges and crowns has an impact on aesthetics and also on the price, to be discussed with your dentist (be careful when comparing different quotes: top-of-the-range material, gold/ceramic or zircon is a little more expensive than bottom-of-the-range crowns made out of non-fine metal/ceramic but much better tolerated – no risk of stains on the gums and a much more natural appearance)

2. Price: big savings with dental care abroad

Quality depends on the dentist, price depends on the country:

There are good dentists everywhere but prices vary considerably from one country to another. To make savings, you must thus travel to have treatment in countries where costs are much lower and get advice from professionals like Novacorpus to find a good dentist.


3. How to request a quote: 2 solutions

1) Visit the dental surgery in Barcelona, Mosonmagyarovar (Hungary but next to Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia) or Istanbul (all of them, sometimes, possible at the weekend)

2) Send us a panoramic X-ray

4. How to send us a panoramic dental X-ray?

– This is an X-ray which shows all your teeth, the bone around and underneath them and cavities known as sinus. This is the minimum which you need to provide a dental surgeon. The X-ray must be less than 3 – 6 months old and you must not have had any dental treatment since the X-ray. The X-ray is used not only to see the condition of your teeth but also of your bones (essential for fitting a dental implant.) Usually this allows for a quote and a treatment plan to be drawn up, although the dental surgeon sometimes also needs a scan to give them more detailed three-dimensional anatomical information relating to your bones and the positioning of your sinus. This does not, however, replace an examination of your mouth..

– How do I get a panoramic dental X-ray? Ask for a prescription from your GP and the address of a medical imaging centre where you can go to have the X-ray (it is not generally carried out at a dentists). If possible, ask for a numeric (or digital) X-ray which you can receive by email and forward to us.

– How do I send you the X-ray to get a quote?
Above all, do not scan, fax or photograph the X-ray yourself, as the result is not legible for a dentist (in general it will be too blurred and/or dark). Instead, send it to us by post (or email if you have a digital X-ray) to this address:

Novacorpus International Healthcare Sàrl
Medical Documentation Centre
4, Terreaux-du-Temple
CH-1201 Geneva



Please attach ALL the following ESSENTIAL information to your X-ray:

– your surname, first name, email address and telephone number, along with the chosen destination (e.g. Spain, Hungary or Turkey) and the type of treatment you wish to have (e.g. dental  implant)

– If you would like your X-ray back afterwards, please join a stamped enveloppe

False ‘good ideas’:

Only sending us a quote drawn up elsewhere. The dental surgeon will always ask to see your panoramic X-ray before giving you a quote as he/she may not agree with the solution proposed (there are often many methods to achieve the same successful result).This is a sign of a conscientious dentist.

Sending us a scanned X-ray, by email, to send it to as many dentists as possible thinking that there will be one who will give a quote on this basis. Dental care is a serious business and we are talking about your health. Only put your trust in dental surgeons like ours who give you a quote based on a good quality X-ray or who ask to examine you before giving you a quote. This is, once again, the sign of a conscientious dentist.

5. We will send you a quote and treatment plan for your dental care abroad

– In general, we will need less than one week from receipt of your X-ray to send you a quote. This quote is definitive and cannot be increased by the dentist. This quote includes a treatment plan and mentions the guarantee provided (e.g. lifelong guarantee for implants in Barcelona) and its conditions.

– An important point: our services do not cost you anything. In fact, thanks to the significant number of patients we send to the dentists, we negotiate a discount on the price they normally charge. We keep part (usually) or all (more rarely) of this discount to finance our work and you therefore pay a price which is lower or, at the very most, identical to the price the dentist would normally charge, at the same time benefiting from all our services. Thus, there are only advantages in going through Novacorpus.

– Travel cost included in the quote: You often ask us for a quote including the cost of transport and accommodation. These costs can vary slightly depending on the day of departure, how far in advance you book your trip, the place of departure and the type of hotel you wish to have. For this reason, it is not possible for us to give you these prices definitively with your quote, but we can give you a price range. Generally these expenses are a small percentage of the whole (5 to 10% maximum). We can organise a transfer from the airport and find you a hotel. We also give you important advices about your plane ticket.

False ‘good ideas’:

Do not only compare the price if you have several quotes: also compare the following points guaranteed by Novacorpus: cutting edge quality at very reasonable prices, a dental surgeon who speaks your language perfectly, and who is experienced, human and honest, insurance covering the risk of eventual medical complications, the security of Novacorpus, a company managed by a medical doctor and the possibility of having treatment in your country upon return. A price which is too low may hide badly placed savings which may prove costly in the long run. Do not compromise! 

6. Contact with the dentist

This is the best way to obtain reliable answers to your questions on the quote and treatment plan. We can arrange you a free telephone meeting.

7. Organisation of your stay

– You choose the dates which suit you (you also check the price of your plane ticket if necessary) and communicate these to us. We will confirm quickly (in 24 – 48 hours) whether this also suits the dental surgeon. You forward us your decision on whether or not to take out insurance covering the costs of eventual medical complications (offered exclusively by us).

– We send you final detailed advice and… all is left is for you to set off!

8. Follow-up after treatment and guarantee

This is the big strength of Novacorpus, a company founded and managed by a medical doctor and is sometimes the big weakness of our competitors who are not healthcare professionals. We give you both medical and financial security: 

– High quality monitoring following your treatment: regularly checking up on you, in the event of a problem (rare), possibility to receive rapid advice (always in your language) from our dentists and, in some cases, to consult a dentist in your country. If you need to return to the country where you were treated, our insurance will cover the cost of transport and accommodation and the dentist will re-do the work free (subject to some common sense conditions).

– Insurance covering all the costs of medical complications: if you have a complication which cannot be dealt with by the dentist during your trip abroad, or an emergency appointment in your country after your return not covered by NHS, or if you do not want to return abroad following a medical complication, we have arranged access to an insurance for our clients covering costs of additional expenses your may incur from a medical complication, whether abroad or in your country (cover of up £17,100). This gives you important security. For an overview of the insurance, please contact us.