Dental Implants in Hungary

Hungary has, for a long time, been renowned for the quality of its medicine. During the period of the Austro-Hungarian empire in the 19th century, Semmelweis would be the first to demonstrate the existence of bacteria and would allow thousands of lives to be saved through the development of asepsis (getting rid of microbes through washing hands and disinfecting medical instruments).

Today, Hungary is famous above all for its impressive number of dentists (highest density of dental surgeries in Europe) and the quality of its dental care, along with very low prices. Thus, in a few years, Hungary has become the most requested destination for dental treatment in Europe.

Positive points of a treatment in Hungary 🇭🇺

Lower prices

Price even lower than the prices in Spain

Competition that brings quality

A high degree of competition between dentists stimulating quality without increasing prices

Easy access

Ease of access to Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest by plane (numerous low-cost flights)


The friendliness of Hungarian people

Points of which to be aware:

– Clinics with employed (rather than independent) dentists should be avoided. In general, dentists train for a few years in these clinics before opening their own private practice. They therefore have little experience and long term follow-up in these clinics is not guaranteed due to the high staff turnover. We only work with independent dentists.

– It can be very cold in winter (however, Hungary in the snow is a magnificent sight)

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