Consultations by videoconference

Due to the current strong demand and the situation linked to the coronavirus, we are forced to give priority to patients booking an appointment for a cosmetic, ophthalmological or dental surgery consultation of  60 min. (£165) with one of our dentists or one of our cosmetic surgeons by videoconference (via a computer or telephone screen). For a consultation for an eye operation, you will talk with our CEO, Dr de Buren, the rest is identical.

You stay at home, in safety, and are in contact during the consultation both with the chosen practitioner and with Dr. de Buren,  who guides the course of this consultation. We have a lot of experience with these consultations and our patients are very satisfied with them.

Thank you for noting that:

-we no longer answer medical or organizational questions by phone or email before the consultation

-your safety and your satisfaction are our priority, so we do not offer quotes made by exchanging photos or x-rays by email because they do not allow a sufficient medical quality.

– all other information is on this website

How to make a one hour appointment?

1) transfer £165. No answer will be possible before, Thank you for your understanding

· Name of beneficiary: Novacorpus International Healthcare Sàrl, Novacorpus Euro, GE

· IBAN number (international account number): CH12 0900 0000 9184 5316 0

· Bank BIC (SWIFT code): POFICHBEXXX, Swiss Post, Postfinance, CH-3030 BE

2) fill in the contact form below and tell us 3 time slots that suit you (from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., everyday from Monday to Friday.)

3) upon receipt of your transfer, we will contact you within 24 hours

The immense benefits of our consultations

-you communicate with a doctor (not a salesperson, a “manager” or a “counselor” without medical knowledge)

-the quote is made by a cosmetic surgeon or a dentist (not a salesperson)

-you receive a fixed quote (not a vague estimate whose price, once on site could increase)

This meeting gives you, all at once, all the information you expect.

Thank you for your understanding and see you soon

Please note that by validating the form below,
you agree to pay £165 for the consultation


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