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Conditions of use for the Novacorpus International Healthcare Sàrl website

1. Field of Application

The website (hereafter referred to as the “Website”) is operated by Novacorpus International Healthcare Sàrl (hereafter referred to as “Novacorpus”). It is aimed at persons with their registered office or domicile in Switzerland or France. The Website and the conditions of use are produced in accordance with the legal provisions in force in Switzerland. Any individual consulting the Website (hereafter referred to as “the User” declares that they are aware of and accept these conditions of use, without reservations, including exclusion of liability clause (point 6).

2. Modifications to the Conditions of Use

Novacorpus reserves the right to modify these conditions of use at any time, without prior notice. These modifications will take effect immediately from the moment they are put online on the Website.

3. Website Contents

Novacorpus checks the quality of information available on the Website, but does not offer any guarantee as regards its accuracy or exhaustiveness. Novacorpus reserves the right to modify the Website at any time without prior notice.The contents of the Website are designed solely to provide general information as regards the services offered by Novacorpus. They do not constitute a proposal or invitation to tender addressed to the User.

4. Intellectual Property

The contents of the Website pages are the property of Novacorpus. The reproduction, electronic circulation or any other total or partial use of this information is forbidden unless authorisation has been given by the Website’s webmaster.

5. Data Protection

Personal information regarding the User will not be shared with third parties without the User’s permission.

6. Exclusion of Liability

Patients assume full responsibility for their choice of doctor, clinic or operation. Novacorpus will not answer to any claims for damages resulting directly or indirectly from treatment or any other service provided by a doctor or clinic. Users recognise that their consultation and use of the contents of this Website is their sole responsibility. Novacorpus (and the other persons involved in the design, publication and circulation of this Website) will not, in any case, answer to claims for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use or consultation of this Website. The Website may contain links to website belonging to third parties. These links are designed purely to reinforce the Website’s user-friendliness. They do not constitute approval by Novacorpus of any websites referenced through these links. Novacorpus declines all responsibility linked to the use of these websites.

7. Services

Novacorpus does not act in the capacity of a doctor and does not give medical advice. Its services are limited to putting patients in contact with clinics and/or doctors and informing patients of these health professionals’ qualifications. Any contracts are established directly between the patient and the clinic or doctor respectively. Novacorpus does not act in the capacity of a travel organiser or retailer. Novacorpus reserves the right to request the payment of a deposit. The information provided on, along with any communication exchanged, are designed to improve, not replace, the relationship between the patient (or website visitor) and their doctor. The purpose of this information is to best respond to your request and provide you with a quote. No diagnosis will be given.

8. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The only law applicable to these conditions of use is Swiss Law. If one or several of the provisions contained in these legal conditions of use is/are or becomes partially or totally invalid, the other provisions contained in these legal conditions of use will remain valid. The invalidated clause will, in such a case, be replaced by another clause whose purpose corresponds as far as possible to that of the initial clause. All users recognise the jurisdiction of Geneva, Switzerland, and its courts as the only competent authorities under these conditions.

9. Website Financing

Novacorpus International Healthcare Sàrl is the sole source of financing for this Website, which does not contain any advertising.