Cosmetic Surgery

Look the way you want for up to 75% less compared to UK cosmetic surgery prices and get the same high quality.

Novacorpus, the cosmetic surgery specialist in UK, set up and managed by a medical doctor, offers you its high-quality services abroad. Treating you in Belgium and Turkey, our highly-qualified cosmetic surgeons, all English speaking, can offer you very attractive prices. Cosmetic surgery abroad with Novacorpus is safe, far less expensive and offers medical quality of the highest order.

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Everything went fantastically well because you were so fast and efficient. I was able to have the operation at a time that fitted with my work commitments.

The surgeon was perfect, professional, clear and most importantly always there if I needed him. The welcome at the clinic was very good and reassuring despite the language barrier. The operation went terribly well – no post op pains whatsoever. I was even able to go back to work after a week without any after-effects!! A fantastic surgeon, I’ve been recommending him to all my girlfriends!

At home, the monitoring went very well and I now have a wonderful pair of breasts! Thanks again to you and your team. It was perfect, so now there’s nothing left to improve.

Mrs S.G.
Breast augmentation in Belgium