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Who are we?

Our Founder and CEO, Dr. Stephane de Buren

Dr. Stephane de Buren is the Founder and CEO of  Novacorpus International Healthcare. Drawing on an atypical career path for a doctor, and extensive experience in different areas associated with health, he has become the first medical doctor to found a company organising healthcare abroad combining cutting-edge treatment with prices allowing for substantial savings.

After studying medicine, Mr. de Buren obtained his medical degree in 1998 and his doctorate in 2001. He worked in hospital from 1998 to 1999, then for six years in the pharmaceutical industry at Sanofi-Aventis, the n°1 group in Europe, allowing him to train in management and acquire very good knowledge of the world of health. He then held the position of sales and marketing director for the Unilabs Group, the European leader in medical analysis, managing a team of 30 people, from 2005 to 2007.

Novacorpus International Healthcare

Novacorpus International Healthcare was then founded, after over a year spent selecting partners from among dozens of clinics and doctors. Stephane de Buren’s training and experience as a doctor allowed him to gradually disgard candidates which did not meet the highest quality standards and select others. Chosen for their cutting edge quality, these partners allow patients to be treated with the most up-to-date technology, whilst at the same time making large savings.

The success of treatment also depends on good communication. Only doctors who speak English (mother tongue or very good command) are selected.

In order to offer effective insurance cover for patients going abroad for a voluntary operation (laser eye surgery, cosmetic surgery or dental implants), we have launched a partnership with the insurance company, the world leader. An insurance policy covers the medical risks associated with these types of operations during the trip abroad and after returning home.

Novacorpus’ activities were launched in April 2008 for treatment which may or may not paid by NHS or private healthcare schemes, allowing everyone to make significant savings. It is based in Geneva, Switzerland with local offices in London and France and has now become a major player in medical tourism.

US activities

in 2016 a US company, DeBuren Group is launched to help US residents (including some British citizens) navigate the US healthcare system, the most expensive and complex in the world.

Our Mission

To organise your medical treatment:

– In cutting edge centres abroad

– At a more advantageous price than the usual price in the UK (including very affordable travel costs)

– In total safety

– With doctors who have had the best university training and all speak English

– Allowing you to benefit from exclusive services

Our Strengths

Novacorpus International Healthcare is the only company organising operations abroad founded and run by a physician, Doctor Stephane de Buren:

– Priority given to the medical dimension of your questions

– Collaboration with recognised, experienced doctors, trained in Western countries.

– Facilitated recruitment of cutting edge clinics equipped with high technology

Novacorpus provides you with world-class medical care abroad in English and with lower prices than in the UK:

– Your safety is a priority

– Your satisfaction is our ongoing concern!

We have a large scale of competences:

– Dental implants

– Laser eye  surgery

– Cosmetic surgery

Novacorpus benefits from an international network and facilitated contacts in several countries.

Non medical costs won’t exceed 5-10% of total:

– All the towns where our partners are situated can be easily reached by plane, train or car.

– The trip is very affordable with low-cost flights as well as affordable hotels

Novacorpus as a company is legally independent from the clinics and doctors in its network, which are continually reevaluated:

– New clinics are regularly added once we have established that they meet our high quality demands.