Dentists & Clinics in Hungary

Save up to 75% on dental implants cost in our dental clinic in Hungary with a world-class quality.

This dental clinic is an ultramodern clinic in Mosonmagyarovar, a charming historic town close to Vienna and Bratislava airports. It is closer to fly here than to Budapest, which is however not far away.

This renowned dental centre works with dentists who are very accustomed to carrying out significant work on foreign patients since most patients come from Western Europe and especially nearby Austria. The dentists work therefore with Western Europe standards and speak German, English and French.

This dental clinic is ideal for treatments like dental implants, crowns or bridges as well as for cosmetic dental treatment. You save up to 75% because of far lower costs (assistants’ salaries, rental of premises, equipment. No compromise as far as the quality of dental implants or the treatment are concerned). Free transfers are offered from Vienna or Bratislava (closest airports) or half price (Budapest) and there is no charge for the hotel (for a treatments over £2,250 per stay). Flights start from £45.

Your Dentists in Hungary

These dentists have all benefited from lengthy University training and were selected in accordance with very strict criteria in order to find you good dentists.

  • For prosthetic reconstruction (crown, bridge, veneers), the clinic is owned by two highly experienced dentists understanding the requirements of foreign patients who have limited time abroad and for whom quality of treatment is especially important as coming back is difficult.
    • Diploma of Dentistry: in 2000 and 2005
    • Certificate : Conservative Dentistry and Prosthodontics in 2003
    • They speak English, French, German and Hungarian
Dental implant specialist Hungary
  • This clinic can offer you treatment carried out by a specialist implantologist who uses the implants widely used in UK (MIS, Nobel and Alphabio)
    • 1998 – Diploma of Dentistry: Debrecen Medical University
    • 2006 – Certificate: Conservative Dentistry and Prosthodontics
    • 2007 – Certificate: Dental Surgery
    • Speaks English, German and Hungarian


Type of treatments

  • In accordance with your choice and following discussion with your dentist: titanium dental implant (MIS, Alpha Bio or Nobel), the newest generation of implants, dental bridge or crown made from zirconium (100% ceramic crown) or metal with ceramic coating.
  • For prosthesis (crown, crown on dental implant, bridge, ceramic veneer, cosmetic dental treatments): collaboration with a prothesist of very high quality (rare in Hungary: quality standards higher than the usual Hungarian standards).
  • Modern clinic and optimal sterilisation of equipment.


How Many Stays and How Long

  • For dental implants: a minimum of 2 stays, one for 24 hours then another 3 to 5 day stay in Hungary, with a 3 month interval (this can be flexible depending on what you want and the type of treatment)
  • For a dental crown or bridge: a minimum 3 to 5 day stay in Hungary


Warranty and monitoring

  • Implants:  10 year warranty, dental prostheses 5 year warranty: treatment is carried out again free of charge; plane (maximum £270) and hotel stay offered.
    • Terms: annual check-up, no accident or systemic disease, < 10 cig./day
  • In addition and as an exclusive offer: it is possible to take out an insurance policy to cover the cost of potential complications (for 6 months) even if the treatment is carried out again in the UK (also covers emergencies in the UK).



  • The type of material used has a great impact on cost: so when comparing quotations be careful to bear this in mind.
  • Choose a dentist who specialises in the field requested (for a dental implant in Hungary, select a dentist specialising in dental implantology)
  • To prepare a quotation, the dentist will need a panoramic X-ray of your teeth. Please send digital X-rays by email or by post if you have a dental film X-ray (PLEASE NOTE: An X-ray that has been scanned, photocopied or faxed can no longer be read). Alternatively you can come to Hungary to have a quotation prepared.
  • Not sure this clinic can satisfy you? When our patients are satisfied this gives us the greatest satisfaction. Click here to read the testimonials.



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