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World-Class Doctors and Clinics

We Focus on Medical Quality for Your Safety

We are particularly concerned to offer very high quality treatment to our patients. We therefore only select cutting-edge doctors and clinics (see criteria below). Moreover, these professionals often use equipment from Western companies (Nobel Biocare implants, for example) without this meaning that their prices are too high.

Experience means quality

The quality of treatment is directly linked to experience acquired and maintained. A dentist fitting 300 implants per year will thus have better results than a practitioners performing this treatment only 50 times. Because of this, we work only with referenced specialists who focus on very specific areas. For a doctor to focus solely or for much of the time on a particular specialism (fitting implants, laser eye surgery operations, etc…), they must treat a sufficiently high number of patients. We therefore select only doctors and clinics operating in towns with enough inhabitants to make this possible.

The quality of the equipment also depends on the number of patients

For a clinic to maintain the most up to date equipment, it is obliged to renew this equipment regularly and can only do so if it treats enough patients to finance this ongoing renewal. We are therefore careful to select only clinics which specialise in certain areas and refuse to work with generalist clinics.

How did we choose our clinics and surgeons?

Our 10 criteria to choose our clinics

The clinics in our network are selected in accordance with the following 10 criteria:

1) Up to date technology (at least as recent as that available in the UK)

2) Number of operations/year at least equivalent to the usual number carried out in private clinics in the UK

3) Prices lower than in the UK

4) Set prices

5) General quality at least equivalent to quality criteria in the UK

6) Guarantee on the quality of treatment offered

7) Comfort at least equivalent to the criteria for private clinics in the UK

8) A warm welcome

9) Accessibility (town centre, near to station or airport, parking nearby, etc.)

10) Clinic inspected by Dr. de Buren

Our 10 criteria to choose our surgeons and dentists

The doctors working with us are selected in accordance with the following 10 criteria:

1) Medical training: in a Western country or of a quality at least equivalent to the training available in the UK

2) Experience: number of operations performed/year ensuring regular practice (e.g. at least 500 eye operations/year)

3) English: mother tongue or excellent mastery of the language

4) Continuous Medical Education: maintained in their current area of activity with regular participation in international conferences

5) Member of at least one recognised association of specialists

6) General attitude orientated towards patients’ interests (explanation of treatment possibilities, ability to reassure the patient and encourage them to relax)

7) Reputation

8) Indemnity insurance

9) Positive testimonies from patients treated recently

10) Doctor observed in consultation with his patients and/or during at least one operation by Dr. de Buren