Do you offer breast enlargement using Lipofilling or Macrolane?

As a rule we do not recommend these “scalpel-free breast enlargement” methods because of their bad results and risks. Patients often ask us about them because they are frightened that breast implants increase the risk of cancer. However, this is not true and it has now been proven that silicon implants do not increase the risk of cancer.

After breast enlargement surgery where will the scars be?

Many women are concerned about whether the scar will visible or will bother them. This will depend on the method you choose for your operation. The incision is usually made in the lower crease of your breast. However, to fit the implant it is also possible to make an opening towards your armpit or underneath your areola.

Breast enlargment: how do I know if the breast implant is a good quality implant?

Chirurgie mammaire

A good breast implant will have been certified by the European Health Authorities, will be made of high grade materials and will have been tested in clinical trials. Quality is reflected in the price, so you should not choose any implant that is cheap. To ensure your safety, we are able to thoroughly check the quality of the implants our surgeons use because we can draw upon our medical expertise.