Liposuction: how many clothes sizes can I drop down?

With liposuction you can lose about 2 sizes. 6 to 7 litres of fat can be removed at most, depending on which areas you are having treated.

Liposuction is especially suitable if you want to reduce local accumulation of fat that dieting and plenty of exercise have been unable to shift.

The fat that will be removed is subcutaneous fat which means that it lies between the skin and the muscles underneath the skin. Fat that lies deeper down, “beer belly” fat for example cannot be removed by liposuction. If you want to lose weight everywhere then dieting is your first method of choice. However, liposuction can help to reshape your figure and make you slimmer.

We are born with a certain number of fat cells and this number does not change. If we put on weight, the fat cells increase in size, if we lose weight, these cells grow smaller. The fat cells that are destroyed through liposuction do not reproduce themselves which is why this procedure is very effective. However, it is not possible to destroy all the fat cells in a particular area.

Therefore if you put weight back on after the operation, the cells that remain in the area that has been treated may grow again. Furthermore, it is also possible that you may gain more weight elsewhere because there are not many fat cells left in the area treated. Before you have any liposuction the best thing you can do is follow a diet and then keep your weight stable for several weeks