Founded by a Medical Doctor

Founded by a Medical Doctor

Novacorpus International Healthcare is the only company for medical treatment abroad founded and managed by a medical doctor, Dr Stephane de Buren.

As a company’s philosophy is necessarily influenced by its founder’s approach, the fact that a doctor has been in management from the start has strengthened the following aspects:

1. Focus on important criteria for the selection of doctors and clinics

It is not very important for a doctor, even one specialising in an cosmetic  area, to be good looking, or for  a dentist to have perfect white teeth. It is much more important that they have benefited from quality training, that they operate frequently and that they speak your language and listen to your requirements.

On the same grounds, if a clinic is modern, tastefully furnished, situated in a prestigious area and has a charming receptionist, all the better. However, it is much more important that its technological equipment is renewed frequently, its sterilisation procedures correct and its nurses well trained.

2. A discussion between equals during selection interviews

It often happens that a particular clinic or doctor explains to us that their operating methods, type of equipment or even training are better than those of another clinic or doctor. Being a doctor means that Dr de Buren can request scientific proof of these claims (what study proves this? in which scientific journal? how many patients were included? etc…) and can analyze this, or know who to ask for a second opinion in order to make an independent judgement.

3. Manager who has treated patients

The fact that Dr de Buren has treated patients himself means he is better able to put himself in their shoes, to understand the stress caused by an operation or even a dental appointment, to know what really counts for them and anticipate their requests, in particular through making sure that they are not left to their own devices upon their return, for example. This also allows us to understand the importance of respecting medical secrecy in all circumstances.
Nevertheless, even as a doctor, it is impossible to guarantee the absolute success of a certain treatment, nor ensure that each doctor, even when carefully selected, will be liked by every patient he/she meets. However all the points above can help a lot.