Lower Costs


Lower costs and patients satisfaction

Save a lot of money whilst guaranteeing your safety

A lot of money can be saved through opting for a treatment abroad in a clinic referenced by Novacorpus. Travel and board/lodging costs are very moderate (rarely more than 5 – 10% of the total cost) and the saving made is not cancelled out by travel costs.

Comparative table of savings by destinations offered by Novacorpus





Cosmetic surgery Belgium Anvers up to 60% savings
Cosmetic surgery Turkey Istanbul up to 75% savings
Dental implant Spain Barcelona up to 60% savings
Dental implant Hungary Mosonmagyarovar up to 75% savings
Dental implant Turkey Istanbul up to 75% savings
Laser eye surgery France Grenoble up to 50% savings
Laser eye surgery Turkey Istanbul up to 75% savings

Savings with Cutting-Edge Medical Quality

Moreover, going through Novacorpus, not only will the cost be no more expensive (and actually nearly always cheaper) than if you contacted the clinic direct, thanks to the special discounts we negotiate with each clinic, but we will also guarantee that these savings always go hand in hand with cutting-edge medical quality.

We systematically check that these prices allow the doctor and clinic to maintain this quality thanks to:

  • satisfactory remuneration for the doctor allowing him/her to take time with each patient and to focus on continuous medical education, too
  • sufficient income for the clinic to frequently renew its equipment and employ the best practitioners
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