Prices for Laser Eye Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey

Laser eye surgery price

Laser Eye Surgery Price in Turkey

Important points when comparing prices:

  • The technology used has an impact on the price. Be attentive to the following points when comparing prices of other clinics.
    • Some clinics still use old-fashioned material (our lasers are of the newest generation)
    • A lot still do not use femtosecond laser (100% laser procedure) and only use an excimer laser. A lasik procedure that is not a femtosecond lasik procedure is clearly not a good choice (ours only perform femtosecond lasik procedures)
    • Always check what is included in the price and what is the currency.

Included in our prices:

Our prices are in Pounds and include:

  1. Our concierge service to organise your procedure and help you before, during and after the procedure
  2. JCI, TÜV and ISO quality-accredited clinic
  3. Assistance with a dedicated person during all your stay (in English)
  4. Pre-operative tests including wavefront calculation with aberrometer (personalized analysis of your eyes)
  5. All consultations with an English-speaking eye surgeon at the clinic
  6. Operation with newest generation femtosecond and excimer lasers including a personalised cornea correction
  7. All medication during your stay
  8. All post-operative checkups in Istanbul
  9. Medical file with all relevant documents
  10. Transfers from and to the airport
  11. 3 nights in an individual room at the clinic
  12. One year guarantee (longer guarantee is not necessary as a second operation would be performed between 6 and 12 months after the first one)
  13. Possibility of coverage by the world leader of insurances
  14. Not included but accounting for less than 10% of the surgery price: flight costs


  • Do not hesitate to ask your insurance if they reimburse this procedure as some private health insurances offer at least partial reimbursement.

Novacorpus price
(per eye)

Normal price in UK
(per eye – femtosecond)

Your savings

£440 (PRK)

£595 (femtosecond lasik)



£1,705 per eye
£3,410 for both eyes

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Total surgery price including travel, hotel and transfer costs (example)

  • Surgery Price (femtosecond lasik, 2 eyes): £1,190
  • Travel costs:
    • Flight London to Istanbul (and return) (Monday through Thursday): £85
    • Transfers from/to clinic by shuttle: free
    • 3 nights in an individual room at the clinic: free

Total price for both eyes with all travel costs: 
£1,275 instead of £4,600 in the UK, you save £3’325!

Guaranteeing the best service

See why:


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