Insured to cover unexpected costs

We provide you with a full insurance coverage of medical or travel complications. Abroad or after your return home, no unexpected medical or travel costs can bother you:

– Covering  risks of medical complications both abroad and for 6 months after your return: the security of a set price

– Including assistance abroad if necessary

– Covering costs of changing your plane ticket for medical reasons

Novacorpus takes all possible measures to reduce the risks inherent in any operation. Although these risks are very limited and in order to give you total reassurance, Novacorpus is proud to offer you a world first: 

Novacorpus is the only company in the world to give you 2 of the most needed security measures in healthcare:

1) Company managed by a medical doctor 

2) Coverage by the world leader of insurances, which allows you to benefit from insurance covering the medical risks associated with voluntary operations (cosmetic surgery, laser eye surgery or dental treatment) both in the operating country and for 6 months after your return. You will thus not only be guaranteed a set price, as the insurance will cover any eventual extra costs due to complications, but also a professional service.

Thanks to these advantages you will be able to leave with complete peace of mind.