Medical Follow-up After the Operation

Medical follow-up while abroad

After the operation, before you return home, your doctor will control that you can leave the clinic and travel. You will receive precise instructions and your doctor will provide you on the day you leave the clinic with a medical file including all medical documents and reports allowing any other doctor to understand what has been done and how to proceed for the follow-up.

Medical follow-up after returning home

After treatment or an operation, it is important that you can continue to be monitored by a doctor. This follow-up allows complications to be prevented, your questions to be answered and makes sure that everything is going well. For relatively simple operations (dental treatment for example), this need is more limited. However, we would prefer that you act on the principle that no operation is benign and that adequate follow-up is important and should be available if it is needed. Your operator abroad will clearly indicate to you the measures to be taken during the post-operative period and will, if necessary, send you to a doctor near where you live.

This is often not required, however we are concerned to ensure that you are able to contact a specialist if needs be.

Where possible, you may also choose to go to your normal GP. Of course, the doctor who has operated on or treated can provide your doctor with detailed information and will remain in contact with him/her and yourself for however long is necessary.

If something goes wrong

Our doctors will remain in contact with you after you return home and you will always know how to contact them. In the improbable event of a medical complication requiring additional consultation not originally planned, and provided you are able to travel, our insurance will cover your travel, hotel and treatment costs abroad. If this is not possible, we will put you in contact with a practitioner close to where you live.

In any case, we will coordinate this phase and will keep in touch until we are sure that you are safe and satisfied.