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Cosmetic surgery clinic in Belgium

Clinic situated in a beautiful neighbourhood of Antwerp, easily accessible by car or from Antwerp airport or railway station as well as from Brussels airport (half an hour direct by bus). The interventions are carried out in a comfortable hospital equipped with all the modern technology necessary for professional care.

Benefits of cosmetic surgery in Antwerp, Belgium, with Novacorpus


Reasons for choosing this cosmetic surgery clinic in
Belgium, rather than in the UK.


Your safety is prioritised:

  • Clinic
    • All operations performed at this clinic (no operations performed in the doctor’s office): operations only carried out in a hospital environment within a clinic equipped with full anaesthesia and reanimation systems  (defibrillators and intensive care unit).
    • For operations which cannot be done under local anaesthetic, general anaesthetic in exclusive collaboration with anaesthetic doctors, in a hospital environment. No general anaesthesia outside of the clinic or sedation carried out by nurses.
    • Clinic equipped with operating theatres, anaesthetic equipment and an intensive care unit at the forefront of technology
    • Nursing teams accustomed to cosmetic surgery cases, as well as more complex cases, with a great deal of experience
    • JCI International quality certification in progress
    • Comfortable rooms with bathroom
  • insurance covering the cost of any eventual complications.
  • Belgium is easily reachable from England by plane, boat, car and train
  • Travel costs will not exceed 10% of the total price

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Cosmetic surgeon in Antwerp, Belgium

 Cosmetic Surgeon BelgiumCosmetic Surgeon Belgium

Cosmetic surgeon in Antwerp: his CV

  • Medical studies in Antwerp
  • Specialisation in aesthetic surgery in West Norwich, Liège, Rotterdam, London & Glasgow.
  • Surgery opened in 1999
  • Listed on the Belgium Order of Doctors
  • Member of the Belgium Royal Society of Surgery
  • Member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery

Reasons for choosing this cosmetic surgeon in
Belgium, rather than in the UK.


Your safety is prioritised:

  • Surgeon:
    • Qualified in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, trained in London, Glasgow, West Norwich, Rotterdam and Liège, who speaks (perfect) French, English, German and Dutch.
    • More than 400 aesthetic surgery operations per year: in particular, breast enlargement, liposuction, face lifting, breast lifting, breast reduction, nose correction (rhinoplasty), eyelid correction (blepharoplasty).
    • Member of the clinic staff and easily available throughout the day
    • Serious postoperative follow-up

How long will I need to stay abroad, in Belgium?

  • For the majority of cosmetic surgery operations, you will spend 3 days and 2 nights in Belgium (generally from Sunday to Tuesday):
    • 1st day: travel to Antwerp (40 km from Brussels), preparatory consultation, overnight stay in the hotel (organisation and reservation possible).
    • 2nd day: intervention at the hospital, rest and post-operative check-up at the hospital during the day, return to the hotel at the end of the afternoon.
    • 3rd day: post-operative check-up then travel home.
  • For breast reductions, patients spend 2 nights at the hotel after the intervention to allow longer on-site follow-up (4 days and 3 nights’ stay).
  • For abdominoplasty, patients stay 1 night at the hotel before the intervention then 1 – 2 nights at the hotel after the intervention, followed by a final night at the hotel (4 – 5 days and 3 – 4 nights in Belgium).
  • These durations are for information only and may vary from one patient to the next and according to developments. In the same vein, according to their state of health, some patients have to remain in hospital for one or more nights in accordance with the surgeon and anaesthetist’s advice.
  • Patients who need to stay in hospital are guaranteed their own individual room.
  • Your safety is priority and only the surgeon has the authority to decide when it will be possible for you to return home. We advise that you spend a few days onsite to allow yourself to rest.
  • You will be given an operation report by your doctor, as well as detailed instructions before your departure.



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