Cosmetic Doctors and Clinics in Turkey

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Cosmetic surgery clinic in Turkey

Capture d’écran 2011-10-19 à 14.51.29Cosmetic surgery in Turkey in a recent hospital, built in 2007, equipped with the latest technology for your cosmetic surgery in Istanbul, with serious postoperative follow-up. This hospital is part of a group of several private clinics, all benefiting from international quality certification: JCI (American) and ISO 9001 (International).

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Benefits of cosmetic surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, with Novacorpus



Reasons for choosing this cosmetic surgery clinic in
Turkey, rather than in the UK.


Your safety is prioritised:

  • International quality certifications assigned by two independent bodies
  • Recent clinic (2007), equipped with operating theatres, anaesthetic equipment and an intensive care unit at the forefront of technology
  • All operations are performed at this clinic (no operations performed in the doctor’s office)
  • All anaesthetics are the responsibility of anaesthetist doctors (not nursing staff)
  • Nursing teams are accustomed to cosmetic surgery cases, as well as more complex cases, with a great deal of experience
  • Very comfortable rooms with bathroom, flat screen TV, sea view
  • The doctor is a permanent member of the clinic staff and available throughout the day
  • Serious postoperative follow-up
  • Insurance covering complications

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Photos of the cosmetic surgery clinic in Turkey

The clinic is located near the sea in a smart neighbourhood of Istanbul, with a Mediterranean climate. It is part of a large group of hospitals, widely recognized as one of the best in Turkey and a frequent pioneer in numerous medical fields. The historic centre of Istanbul is close at hand, allowing your companion to go sightseeing easily.

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Cosmetic Surgeon Turkey – Istanbul

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Novacorpus works with a leading cosmetic surgeon in Istanbul, Turkey. He trained with world renowned specialists (e.g. Onur Erol, the European Pitanguy). After 17 years of experience in France, he followed in the footsteps of several other surgeons choosing Turkey as a venue for his surgery. This was due to the more advantageous conditions offered by this clinic: an ultramodern hospital, built in 2007 and certified under the JCI (U.S.) and ISO 9001 (International) quality standards, advanced equipment and higher number of nurses per patient than in the UK.
This cosmetic surgeon performs approx. 350 operations per year. Among these, in addition to the usual cosmetic surgery operations (breast enlargement, liposuction, abdominoplasty, breast lift, breast reduction, facelift, nose correction (rhinoplasty), eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), arm lift and thigh lift), he also specializes in hair transplants.
Serious postoperative follow-up and insurance to cover any eventual complications is proposed by Novacorpus under this collaboration

Patient's Room (Family Area)Curriculum Vitae:

  • Studied medicine at EGE University
  • Awarded his cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery diploma in France in 1995
  • Specialised in cosmetic surgery in Auxerre, Nancy and Istanbul
  • Collaboration with Onur Erol, the “European Pitanguy” (Dr Erol is one of the most famous cosmetic surgeons in the world)
  • Member of the Turkish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery

How long will I need to stay abroad, in Turkey?

  • For the majority of cosmetic surgery operations, you will spend 3 days and 2 nights in Turkey:
    • 1st day: travel to Istanbul, preparatory consultation, overnight stay in the hotel (organisation and reservation possible).
    • 2nd day: intervention at the hospital, rest and post-operative check-up at the hospital during the day, return to the hotel at the end of the afternoon.
    • 3rd day: post-operative check-up then travel home.
  • For breast lift and breast augmentation surgery, miniabdominoplasty and normal liposuction patients stay 1 night at the hotel before the intervention, 1 night at the hospital after the intervention to allow longer on-site follow-up, followed by a final night at the hotel (4 days and 3 nights’ stay).
  • For abdominoplasty, breast reduction and big liposuction, patients stay 1 night at the hotel before the intervention, 2 nights at the hospital after the intervention, followed by 1  to 3  nights at the hotel (5 – 7 days and 4 – 6 nights in Turkey).
  • For rhinoplasty patients stay 1 night at the hotel before the intervention, 1 day at the hospital after the intervention with return to the hotel at the end of the afternoon, followed by 5 – 6 nights at the hotel (7 -8 days and 6 – 7 nights stay).
  • These durations are for information only and may vary from one patient to the next and according to developments. In the same vein, according to their state of health, some patients have to remain in hospital for one or more nights in accordance with the surgeon and anaesthetist’s advice.
  • Patients who need to stay in hospital are guaranteed their own individual room.
  • Your safety is priority and only the surgeon has the authority to decide when it will be possible for you to return home. We advise that you spend a few days more onsite to allow yourself to rest.
  • You will be given an operation report by your doctor, as well as detailed instructions before your departure.



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