I have received cheaper dental quotes from elsewhere

There are many companies offering dental treatment abroad. However, many of them have no particular medical competence and it is not clear what criteria they use to select their dentists. We are convinced that we can offer you the very best medical quality at the best possible price.

I have an estimate from another dentist. Can your dentist give me a new estimate for the cost of treatment based on this?

This is only possible if you accept that your estimate for treatment costs in this case is not final. Our dentist needs to have information about the condition of your teeth and he cannot deduce this from a colleague’s estimate of treatment costs. Moreover, there are always several possibilities for carrying out an operation and our dentist may have a different procedure or prefer to do things differently to your previous dentist.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are used to provide a permanent replacement for missing teeth, whereby an artificial root is placed into the jaw bone. The procedure takes place under local anaesthetic and is completely pain free.

What options are there for dental prostheses?

Basically there are two different possible ways of restoring a tooth’s appearance and function. The difference lies between having a prosthesis that you can remove and one that is fixed firmly inside the mouth.

Do you offer veneers?

Yes, all our dentists provide veneers. Veneers are thin, translucent white porcelain shells that are fitted to the front side of teeth, especially the front teeth, using a special bonding material. To do this, a very tiny amount of enamel has to be removed from the surface of the teeth