I have an estimate from another dentist. Can your dentist give me a new estimate for the cost of treatment based on this?

This is only possible if you accept that your estimate for treatment costs in this case is not final. Our dentist needs to have information about the condition of your teeth and he cannot deduce this from a colleague’s estimate of treatment costs. Moreover, there are always several possibilities for carrying out an operation and our dentist may have a different procedure or prefer to do things differently to your previous dentist. This is why it is important that you give us an up-to-date panoramic X-ray. 

Of course if you can go to the dentist’s practice to get your estimate done this is even better. This will give you the opportunity of getting to know your dentist and he can answer your questions directly. For your dentist too, such direct contact is of course far more informative than an X-ray, so this way you would get more precise information. If you are absolutely certain that you want to go ahead with dental treatment then we would recommend this option to you.

Getting your treatment cost estimate done in Barcelona is worthwhile as you can fly there and back on the same day. Since our dentist’s charges for taking an X-ray are so reasonable, this will not cost any more or not much more than if you were to have the X-rays done at home. In many cases, our patients decide there and then to start their treatment straightaway which also means that they do not have to wait a long time.

To be able to draw up an estimate of what your dental implants will cost, your dentist must first plan the treatment procedure and to do this he needs a very high quality panoramic X-ray of your set of teeth. The photograph must show both your upper and lower jaws; the maxillary sinuses must also be visible. This will give your dentist the information he needs to decide which treatment steps are required.

After carefully studying your photographs, your dentist will, to the best of his knowledge, produce an estimate which we will then send to you. This estimate for treatment costs is then final.