What options are there for dental prostheses?

Basically there are two different possible ways of restoring a tooth’s appearance and function. The difference lies between having a prosthesis that you can remove and one that is fixed firmly inside the mouth.
Nowadays people tend to prefer a permanent prosthesis because the fit feels more stable and because it does not impair your sense of taste. If only a single tooth has to be replaced, a crown is fitted. If there are several teeth missing, then a bridge will be fitted. The crowns or bridges are firmly cemented onto one or several teeth or implants. Crowns and bridges are made by hand and their quality depends on the prosthetic technician’s expertise, on the time taken and on the materials used. Novacorpus pays very particular attention to using only very high quality dental prostheses and only works with highly qualified prosthetic technicians. Treatment costs are still considerably lower than they would be in UK because living costs are far lower in the various countries where Novacorpus offers dental treatment.