How much will complete replacement with dental implants and bridges cost?

We can only give you accurate information about what this will cost once we have seen a panoramic X-ray of your teeth. If you go to the web pages for our various destinations you will find details of our current prices there:

Completely replacing your teeth will not be exactly cheap, however, with Novacorpus the cost will be at least 50 to 80% cheaper than in your home country.

The travel costs (flight, transfer and hotel in part) amount to less than 5 to 10% of the overall cost. With Novacorpus you do not have to compromise in any way on excellent quality as we select our dentists according to strict medical criteria. Please do not hesitate to ask us for an estimate of treatment costs, if you so wish we can also suggest various different treatment options that cost less than the traditional bridge over 6 to 8 implants but which nevertheless achieve good results and will give you more stability than your previous dentures (semi-fixed prosthesis). Furthermore, you can also have your treatment carried out in stages, so that you do not incur all the costs at once. We would be delighted to draw up an individual treatment programme for you.