I have received cheaper dental quotes from elsewhere

There are many companies offering dental treatment abroad. However, many of them have no particular medical competence and it is not clear what criteria they use to select their dentists. We are convinced that we can offer you the very best medical quality at the best possible price.

If you do find a cheaper offer then check the following points carefully:

  • Does the dentist meet certain expectations? (e.g. for implants – does he fit several hundred implants a year, does he have many years of experience, does he take time to explain the various treatment options, does he use the latest technology?)
  • Is there a guarantee that lasts for several years or even an unlimited guarantee?
  • Does the dentist speak English?
  • Does the dentist work with the very best laboratories? Or perhaps with a lesser quality laboratory or with one in China, where it’s far more difficult to check the quality?
  • Will the dentist still be working in his practice in five year’s time?
  • Are there any hidden costs?
  • Are the preliminary examinations, the medication and post-operative examinations all included in the price?
  • Is the price given in Pounds Sterling or in another currency?

With us you will enjoy the very best treatment, for which only high quality materials are used. If your quotes are far lower, then you ought to ask questions about the quality of the implants and prostheses. Money can be easily saved here by switching to cheaper manufacturers e.g. from China. However, it is far more difficult to control quality in such countries. This means that cheaper prices can be at the expense of quality and your safety. We would not want you under any circumstances to have to go through the unpleasant experience of losing an implant. You want to feel confident about your teeth and be able to eat whatever you like without a second thought.  For this, you need the best quality implants and prostheses, an experienced and skilled dentist and sufficient time for the whole treatment process.

If you go abroad, having peace of mind is particularly important because as soon as you are back home again, your dentist is far away. Here again Novacorpus offers a plus point, since you can also have take out an insurance policy that covers the cost of potential medical complications, and should the need arise, will also reimburse you for travel expenses, should you have to travel abroad again.  If you are comparing different quotes, you should take all these services into account. Our estimates for treatment include all the medical costs, as well as the materials, medication, etc.  Our dentists provide a guarantee. Does the competitor’s quote include one too?

Our core competence is to offer you impeccable medical quality and to care for you competently before, during and after your treatment. In the medical tourism sector, our medical knowledge is unique – so enjoy the benefits of this! If having peace of mind about your medical treatment is important to you – then you have definitely come to the right place. Novacorpus is the only company organizing medical treatment abroad that is run by a medical doctor.